VONBON Profile

EDM,Rock, Pops, Traditional Japanese Sound, Club Music ,Contemporary.
The best elements of those sounds are mixed into the amazing new
sound of Vonbon , which consists of a team of artists. The team was
established in Kobe ,Japan in 2016.
The 1st CD album V1 released July 2016.

Our predecessor was a VONBON(Japanese drum"Taiko"and African music).
In wide range of performance,
at Rock Festival, Reggae Festival, traditional Japanese Art stage, etc ,
have been the scenes for the performance of the team. The team
has made nation wide tour called “ Vonbon Meets Japan “ in 2014.
For each performance during the tour, the different Japanese Traditional Music
Instruments were focused and used.
Namy(Japanese drum"Taiko"player and vocalist)is a member from 2013.